Stefanie Luppa Graphic Design

Museum Insel Hombroich

(1) Strategy & Positioning
(2) Branding
(3) Web Design
(4) Way-Finding System

In 2010 I graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Duesseldorf, where I did my masters in communication design.

Topic of my thesis is the museum Hombroich, a cultural space located in NRW, Germany. Hombroich is both,- a park and a museum combining architecture, art and nature on over 62 acres of meadowland. The park is surrounded by a creek, that's why the museum is called "island".

"Possibly, 'the island' can only be experienced — not described."
Karl-Heinrich Müller (1936–2007), founder of the Museum

Hombroich has beside the special environmental features a very special philosophy of "art parallel to nature". Their approach is to display art and exhibits without any information about the artist. The museum wants you to experience the art in line with the nature, value-free of big names and data.

With respect and humbleness I approached the objective to develop an identity, a way-finding system and website for 'the island'. 

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