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Wed 03.04.2019

Sunday Run

Really enjoying Shanghai in spring! Running at the Bund is awesome and its always worth it to have a quick pic-stop at the various museums in the west of the track. 

Mon 04.02.2019


I can't describe how happy I am to celebrate my first CNY in Shanghai. The move far east was the best decision ever and we love being in ASIA. Happy year of the pig everyone!

Wed 05.12.2018


Sun 02.12.2018

Hello // Ni Hao // 你好

After a short & sweet stay in Dubai we finally made the big step to Asia. I'm incredibly excited of this new adventure in Shanghai. What a city..

Sun 16.09.2018

Working at Dubai's Art Hub: Alserkal Avenue & Balcony8

Alserkal Avenue is an area which has witnessed a significant overhaul in recent years
It’s taken whatwas an industrial area comprising 39 warehouses, and transformed them 
into one of the major art andexpressionism hubs in the emirate. In doing so, a vibrant 
culture of creativity and individualism has burstonto 
Dubai’s social scene. It is the region’s 
foremost arts hub, bringing together collaborators fromdiverse artistic disciplines and 
encouraging open dialoguethe sharing of ideas and the ability tocollaborate to develop them. 
Loacted next door is Balcony8, a top notch, privately owned branding boutique agency.
I am delighted to work with Ursula & her team on a couple of projects. Life is good. 

Fri 07.09.2018

Happy Weekend.

Sat 25.08.2018

Louvre Abu Dhabi

This weekend I visited finally the incredible Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi. The Louvre Abu Dhabi is an art and civilization museum, located on Saadiyat island in the Cultural District. Jean Nouvel is the architect behind this amazing building. The metallic ceiling of the Louvre Abu Dhabi is designed to reflect light into the museum like a natural Palm frond - it's magical and inviting to spend some time under this stunning roof (at least in winter). I loved the museum with all its exponats, the architecture and the exhibition design. 



Fri 03.08.2018


After living 4 years in Qatar we have decided to move. Hello Dubai, we are back! 
Just arrived a couple of days back, Im currently updating my website with work from the past 48 fruitful months in Doha.
Stay tuned..


Tue 08.05.2018



This year saw the Transform Awards MENA 
celebrate its fifth year, and to celebrate this, they invited a selected set of agencies to join the judging panel for the 2018 awards. These agencies were those who won Gold over the past five years. They invited me to represent Grow as a judge of the 2018 programme. The judging panel was composed of branding, marketing and communication experts who had the chance to read some amazing work, share their knowledge and expertise and got the opportunity to network with their peers.

Thank you Transform Awards MENA, it was great fun!

Wed 07.06.2017

I'm a fan

Today is a very special day for me: Mandarin Oriental, Doha's signature fan arrived all the way from Paris, where the masterpiece was produced by the long-established fan maker Duvelleroy. 

When Mandarin Oriental asked Grow to pitch for the project, there was no doubt for me not to attend. I created the concept and design and out of 10 local and international agencies we got awarded.

After a loooong process of finalising the fan as per production specifications, I can finally hold it im my hands. Wow. It's just awesome.

Mon 17.04.2017

Art stroll

Love the Al Riwaq Art Hall in Qatar. Always worth it to go..                and go..                                ..and go..

Sun 19.02.2017

Vernissage at Grow

Today we surprised our client A Bandary Real Estate with a different type of meeting: I had to present 8 different design concepts in one presentation and thought its going to be so looooong and tireing. Why not creating a lively and engaging exhibition out of our work? The team like the idea and the meeting room got quickly styled like a museum. All design routes were print out and affixed to the wall. It looked amazing and the client loved it!

Thu 18.05.2017

big night at transform awards mena 2017


I'm more than happy to share the fantastic news that Grow got awarded for 7 of its projects at last night's TRANSFORM AWARDS MENA. What a highlight in my career as a young Creative Director, what a great effort of an amazing and talented team! Well done to all of us - hooray!!

Mon 28.11.2016

Asian Sustainability Report Award ✔️

Kahramaa is the sole transmission and distribution system owner and operator for the electricity and water sector in Qatar.

I developed their sustainability report 2015 and created a unique illustration style, that helped to communicate Kahramaa's matters in a friendly and engaging way. 

The report won the Asian Sustainability Report Awards 2016.

Check out the case study here.

Sun 17.01.2016


Look what I found during my lunch break: a beautiful Helvetica s!
#typographylover #itsgonnabemine

Thu 15.10.2015


The Association Internationale de Boxe Amateur (AIBA) is a sport organisation that sanctions (Olympic Style) boxing matches. The world championships boxing event occurs every 2 years. 2015 was the year that grow was awarded to work on this project. I developed the branding consisted of the refinement of the logo identity, naming, campaign communication for print and digital advertising for this spectacular sport event and rolled it out with help of my great team.

Client: AIBA World Boxing Championship

Project: Event Branding


Check out the case study here

Fri 18.09.2015

Gajar women

Gajar women — images of women in 19th century Iran.  
Museum of Islamic Art, Doha

Fri 05.06.2015


I designed this little Ramadan Kareem theme to spread some love to our muslim friends in this special time of the year. Eli did the magic and animated it. Cute, right?

Fri 24.04.2015


The Virginia Commonwelth University invited me to be part of the jury for the Senior Graphic design Awards 2015 in Qatar. Around 26 students showcased their work. An impressive and interesting event where designers from different backgrounds and cultures came together.

Sat 19.07.2014


Germany / Duesseldorf / Rheinkirmes

Fri 30.05.2014

Mathaf - Arab Museum of Modern Art

Today I visitedthe arab museum of modern art MATHAF in Education City. The current student exhibition BLACK&WHITE is awesome and impressive. However I felt in love with the illustrations and lettering of the museum. What a cute and unique look..

Wed 21.05.2014

Coming soon..

A good deal of projects means also a good deal of work! Im currently preparing new cases for the website. Brandings, magazines, illustrations and print stuff to expect soon.. ;)

Tue 06.05.2014

Happy Birthday!

Best birthday wishes to my friend and dentist Thomas! Have a great one buddy!

Fri 02.05.2014

Hello Qatar!

After round 2 years in the UAE it is time to continue my journey.
Next stop: booming Qatar! Im full of joy and curious about exploring the city.
Inshalla something exciting awaits me.. ;)

Wed 11.12.2013

Guess who get married..

WIP: Wedding invitation for my friends Tania & Kamal. More to come..

Tue 03.12.2013

New Cases coming soon

See several new projects, like the Formular1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix tickets and broschures,  Abu Dhabi National Security Authority (NESA) manuals for cyber security, Emirates LNG office branding proposal, Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority corporate design.

Mon 02.12.2013

Happy National Day Uae

I'd like to wish the UAE an awesome 42nd National Day. Congratulations! 

Tue 15.10.2013

Eid Mubarak to all my muslim friends!

Mon 10.06.2013


IMPACT BBDO is the attending agency of Abu Dhabi Media - one of the fastest growing, multi-platform media and entertainment organizations in the Middle East, operating across the broadcast, publishing, and digital media sectors. How amazing to find the new big exercise - developing an interiordesign concept, on my desk!

Mon 27.05.2013

Oman calling

New project, new fun. Aren't these Omani ladies gorgeous? More of these coming soon..

Sun 05.05.2013


I'm currently freelancing at IMPACT BBDO in Abu Dhabi. 


Sat 13.04.2013

Hidden treasures

When your computer is dead slow, its time to clean up the mess on it. Sometimes you wonder, which hidden treasures you find in the numerous forgotten folders..

Wed 13.03.2013

Starting-shot for Tiger Co-Lab Dubai

Tiger is currently establishing its social media presence and it’s specifically designed to help build the art scene in Dubai. The overall idea is to translate Dubai's street life and culture in a series of collaborative projects. 10 brand ambassadors were collaborating for 4 weeks and brought their creative expertise together in the iconic area of Satwa. The whole project was documented in a comprehensive film and a book, which I developed. 

See the book here.


Sat 02.02.2013

Shapes of design

This is the recent project I'm working on. I'm curious what will remain of this pretty shapes when the whole campaign is done..

Sun 27.01.2013

DXB. Freelance in Dubai

I will freelance in the upcoming weeks at Ogilvy in Dubai. What a fantastic view from the office. Lucky me! :)


Thu 17.01.2013

Julius Popp - Media Artist

„Der Schwerpunkt meiner zwischen Wissenschaft und Kunst angesiedelten Arbeit liegt in der Untersuchung von Wechselwirkungen komplexer Systeme. Dies geschieht mit Hilfe von autonomen Maschinen, die von mir nach logischen Regeln konstruiert wurden.“

Popp's work sits on the boundary between art and science. In Bit.Fall (2005) a machine releases droplets of water from 320 nozzles controlled by computer software and electromagnetic valves. As the droplets fall, word and images selected from the internet are formed, each only visible for no more than a second.

Meet the German Artist at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, on Thuesday, 22th of January, Georg-Glock-St. 15, N140 at 6pm. Have Fun! 

Mon 14.01.2013

Visiting Masdar City

Today I visited the amazing Masdar City, next to the Abu Dhabi Airport. Designed by the British architectural firm Foster and Partners, the city will rely entirely on solar energy and other renewable energy sources, with a sustainable, zero-carbon, zero-waste ecology and will be a car free city. What a fascinating project! 

Tue 08.01.2013


After an amazing start in 2013 in stunning Hong Kong, I'm back in the sandpit. Happy New Year to everybody and all best for the "year of the snake".

Wed 12.12.2012

off to germany

Looking really forward to see my family & friends in Germany for a nice christmas stay!

Sun 09.12.2012


I support the AVANI Hotel Kalutara in Sri Lanka by redesinging their menus and keycards.
Bandula just send me this pic. Thank you :)

Sun 02.12.2012


It's National Day in Abu Dhabi. The residents celebrating their country's birthday on the streets.
You cannot move from A to B, all stuck in party. Best date to stay at home and work at ur own Corporate Design.

Sat 01.12.2012

XMas Party in London

Lil' Design for my friends' XMas party in London. Website, flyer, menu. Merry XMas!

Mon 19.11.2012


'Khat Foundation Arabic Type Design 2012' presents a 15-Day workshop series and 5 public lectures
by renowned Arab designers and calligraphers. Workshops will be running from 6 - 24 November, 2012.

Tue 18.09.2012


Tue 26.06.2012

Poster for my friend Celina's university-party

Sat 02.10.2010


Testing various backgrounds for a client's website, who's into sports. A lot of sports.

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