Stefanie Luppa Graphic Design


(1) Packaging Design

After the introduction of the SIA home fragrance scent stick range, the Qatar based perfume brand is planning to have a global expansion. SIA is approaching the international market with a new product collection of perfumes, oils, candles, soaps and an luxury Oud box. The brief was, to develop an outstanding premium design for the new product line, which can compete against the top players in the international market. I developed the creative strategy and design approach for the 2018's collection. The concept was to make the brand's tagline FOR YOUR SENSES experienceable, not only through the olfactory impact, but also through a visual and haptic trigger. With surrealistic yet artistic visuals and pattern and a huge variety of various material and finishing techniques I developed a creative range of products and packagings, which reflect the idea of the ultimate sensual brand experience.

I developed the packaging design for SIA 2018 during my time as Creative Director at Grow in Qatar.

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